There are a lot of variables when dealing with internet performance, so here are some tips that may help you avoid slowdowns.

  1. Clear your browser's cache periodically or whenever you are having trouble accessing a site.
  2. Do not keep more than 10 browser tabs open at one time. Each tab consumes computer and network resources, even if it is not "active," and that can lead to slow downs and timeouts in other tabs. The fewer tabs open the better. Some folks will save tab groups, so they can switch between sets of sites quickly.
  3. Disable unnecessary extensions. Each extension loads one time for each tab that is open, so if you have five extensions and five tabs, then equates to 25 active extensions.
  4. Do not stream music from YouTube. YouTube is a video service, and even if you are only listen to music, it is actually streaming a video, too.
  5. When using video conferencing apps, do not stream in HD. HD requires 3-4 times the bandwidth of standard definition video. Most services auto adjust the quality based on available bandwidth, so it's best not to manually override that option.